Friday, December 15, 2017

Steps for preventing Oracle SQL Developer sessions from being killed

In general when we leave the database connection opened for a while in oracle sql developer, It will throw a "connection timeout" message when we tried to run a query next time.
We have to reconnect the connection for running the query.

To keep the database connection alive in sql developer please follow the below steps:

For Oracle SQL Developer 3 Versions:

2. Copy the downloaded jar file to the below location


3. Open sql developer and right click on a connection and go to Keep-Alive and select Active

4. Enter the user and password details of the connection if it is not already connected

5. We will get a success keep alive message

6. Now check again for the session time out issue.

For Oracle SQL Developer 4 Versions:

1. Navigate to %SQLDEVELOPER_HOME%\sqldeveloper\bin

2. Open sqldeveloper.conf file

3. Add " AddVMOption" to the file and save it.

4. Open sqldeveloper-nondebug.conf file

5. Add " AddVMOption" to the file and save it.

6. Open sql developer and connect to the database and check for session time out


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