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  1. Hi Ravi,

    My name is Durgaprsad from Bangalore and I am working as a OBIEE consultant on of the MNC. I need a help on BIApps Configuration.

    My requirement is need to configure BIApps .So, For this I want to do Functional Configuration for each task. I have got Oracle BIApps document with me ,of course it is a more than 600 pages document,from that I want to identify 1)Parameter name 2)File name for particular parameter 3)Related SQL Query 4) Value of the parameter .I will give an example here..Let say "Configuring Initial Extract Date" is a parameter name and value of parameter is "date format is YYYY-MM-DD, for example, 2014-12-31. The default date is January 01, 1970".
    If you did configuration for all parameters could you please help me.


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