Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Step by step uninstalling Ambari server

Checking which user is running the Ambari server

ps aux | grep ambari-server

Checking the version of Ambari server installed

rpm -qa | grep ambari

Stopping the Ambari server

Reset the Ambari server

Dropping the schema

Removing the Ambari server

Deleting the Ambari server files and directories

PRVG-0449 : Proper soft limit for maximum stack size was not found on node

Getting the below error when installing oracle database 12c on linux machine

Soft Limit: maximum stack size - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the soft limit for maximum stack size is set correctly.Details:

PRVG-0449 : Proper soft limit for maximum stack size was not found on node "obia" [Expected >= "10240" ; Found = "8192"]. - Cause: The Cluster Verification Utility determined that the setting for the indicated soft limit did not meet Oracle''s recommendations for proper operation on the indicated nodes. - Action: Modify the resource limits to meet the requirement and take operating system specific measures to ensure that the corrected value takes effect for the current user before retrying this check

Temporary solution:

User limits of system-wide resources available to the shell and to processes started from it, are controlled by "ulimit" command.

To adjust the maximum stack size soft limit use:
1. For the current shell:
# ulimit -Ss 10240

Restart the installation

Permanent solution:

For a permanent setting on any new shell created after editing /etc/security/limits.conf, add line:
oracle soft stack 10240

Save and close the file and restart the installation

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Enable Internet Explorer in Windows 10

To turn on Internet Explorer on Windows 10

Launch Control Panel:

In windows search, type "control panel" and select control panel and click Enter

In Control Panel window Click on Programs

Under Programs window click on Programs and Features

Under Programs and Features window
In the left navigation click the Turn Windows features on or off

Click ok

Reboot the system and check for Internet Explorer

Select Use recommended settings and click ok

Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the Buit-in Administrator account

After formatting the system with Windows 10 operating system and when
trying to open Microsoft Edge getting the below error

Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the Buit-in Administrator account.
Sign in with the different account and try again


In search type "secpol.msc" and click enter

Under Local Security policy window navigate to
Local policies -> Security options

Double click on "User Account Control Admin Approval Mode for Built-in
Administrator Account"

Select Enabled and click on Apply

Click on ok

Reboot the system and try to open the Microsoft Edge again

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Creating tenant account in thingsboard

All dashboards and customers in Thingsboard are tied to a Tenant.
Thingsboard support multiple Tenants.
When we logged in as system administrator, Thingsboard can't know which of the tenants to show, so no dashboards or customers are shown.
The system administrator account is for system administration tasks, not for dashboard or customer tasks.

If we want to manage dashboards or customers, login as the Tenant or Customer you want to manage.

Steps for Creating tenant account in  thingsboard:

Login as admin account

Click on Tenants

Click on + sign to create new tenant

Provide the details and click on Add

Now click on manage tenant admins

Click on + sign to create new tenant admin user

Provide the details and click on add

Copy the link and click on ok

Copy and goto the activation link to activate the created tenant user

Provide the password for tenant user and click on create password

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