Tuesday, June 26, 2018

PRVG-0449 : Proper soft limit for maximum stack size was not found on node

Getting the below error when installing oracle database 12c on linux machine

Soft Limit: maximum stack size - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the soft limit for maximum stack size is set correctly.Details:

PRVG-0449 : Proper soft limit for maximum stack size was not found on node "obia" [Expected >= "10240" ; Found = "8192"]. - Cause: The Cluster Verification Utility determined that the setting for the indicated soft limit did not meet Oracle''s recommendations for proper operation on the indicated nodes. - Action: Modify the resource limits to meet the requirement and take operating system specific measures to ensure that the corrected value takes effect for the current user before retrying this check

Temporary solution:

User limits of system-wide resources available to the shell and to processes started from it, are controlled by "ulimit" command.

To adjust the maximum stack size soft limit use:
1. For the current shell:
# ulimit -Ss 10240

Restart the installation

Permanent solution:

For a permanent setting on any new shell created after editing /etc/security/limits.conf, add line:
oracle soft stack 10240

Save and close the file and restart the installation


  1. Thanks very helpful!

  2. Thanks, it worked... actually this entry got automatically created when i ran fix script


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