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Please find the steps below to increase the performance of obiee 12c :

1. Tuning Hogging and Stuck Threads

Hogging and stuck threads are generated by the managed servers from time to time and system health changes from OK to Warning at which point performance is slow.
If the server gets too many Hogging Threads/Stuck Threads it will transition to critical status, performance will be poor and application will fail. 
So it is recommended to increase the threshold to avoid long running threads to be considered stuck and also to improve the performance.

These values can be modified in the WLS console under Tuning section of managed and admin servers.
Login to weblogic console
Go to summary of servers
Click on Admin Server
Under configuration tab click on Tuning
Change the parameters as below

Click on Save and then Click on Activate Changes

Like this Increase the parameters for Managed servers also

Restart the obiee servers using and

2. Increasing the connection pool capacity in data sources

Allows more pre-established connections to exist reducing connect time to the database which improves performance.
Need to update in weblogic console.

Login to weblogic console
Click on Services and then Click on Data Sources
Click on Data Source Name and then under Configuration tab click on Connection Pool
Change the Maximum Capacity value from minimum value to 500

Click on Save and then Click on Activate Changes
Like this increase the value for remaining data sources also.

3. Tuning Heap usage and Java Virtual Memory (JVM)

Based on Oracle recommendations need to increase the heap usage to increase the amount of available memory to JVMs that the weblogic servers will use and test performance.
By default the obiee configuration for 64 bit linux will allocate a minimum heap of 256 MB and a maximum heap of 1024 MB.
Allocate 8192 MB to both minimum and maximum heap size.

To change the Java arguments modify the below line:
Bi server heap size :
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/bin and backup the file and then edit and update the parameter values inside the section “${STARTUP_GROUP}” = “BISUITE-MAN-SVR”

Admin Server heap size :
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/bin edit and update the parameter values inside the section “${STARTUP_GROUP}” = “AdminServerStartupGroup”

Startup parameters for servers without any associated STARTUP_GROUP :
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/bin edit and update the parameter values inside the section “${STARTUP_GROUP}” = “ ”

4. Tuning weblogic server node manager java heap size
 In BI 12c , Weblogic Server Node Manager is monitoring not only weblogic managed servers but also BI System Components.
When starting all the BI processes using , Node Manager may take longer time to start, so it is recommended to increase the java heap size of Node Manager.
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin , take the backup of the file and edit MEM_ARGS parameter values in the file
To higher values according to available physical memory on the system

5. Improve performance of exporting large data set via excel
OBIEE supports native Excel format which reduces the exported file size.
In order to improve to excel download time , the following tuning steps for the java host process should be performed
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIJH and take the backup of file config.xml and then edit the config.xml file by modifying InputStreamLimitInKB value.

Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIJH and take the backup of file xdo.cfg and then edit the file xdo.cfg by adding the below tag
<property name=”xlsx-keep-values-in-same-column”>true</property

6. Unattended sessions auto time out
What we have been noticing is that users who fire long running queries and maybe out of frustration , “X” out of the application. By doing so , the Teradata SQL query from the report does not get terminated.
Teradata does not know that these users have closed their browsers.
We are adding a parameter in OBIEE that will send a terminate signal to Teradata when users “X” out.
Oracle recommends adding the parameter below to the instanceconfig.xml file to fix this
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIPS
And add the below tag

7. Increasing size of the cache directories

Need to increase the size of the server cache directories as they were getting filled up on a regular basis.
Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig/OBIS and edit NQSConfig.INI to add and change the size of cache directories.

8. Adding stuck threshold parameter in file

Browse to $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig/biconfig and open and add the parameter “” and save it and restart bi server

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