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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Customizing Logo OBIEE

Form OBIEE and later for customizing logo under Administration, Theme Management option ids provided
Steps for customizing Logo:
Login to Analytica page and click on Administration

Under Theme Management click on Manage Themes

Now we are going to change the default logo from oracle to google.
Image name must be saved without any special characters
Image size must not exceed Pixels Horizontal: 130 and Vertical: 28
Example image file:

Provide Theme Name
Select Logo and upload the image file we want to use as logo
Provide Header Title
Check the box for Active
Click on Save

We will get a successful message
Click on Ok

Reload the page
Now we will able to see Custom Logo and Title

OBIEE 12c Start Script Fails to Connect to the Node Manager with Error General SSLEngine Problem

After configuring SSL with Custom Identity and Trust Keystores and when we try to start the servers getting the below error

To resolve this Invoke WLST with additional Java parameters that explicitly identify the Custom Trust KeyStore, as below
Backup the ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/ file

Edit the file, add the Java parameters (either before or after the ${JVM_ARGS} entry)
From:  eval '"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java"' ${JVM_ARGS} weblogic.WLST '"$@"'

eval '"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java"' ${JVM_ARGS}"JKS""/u01/app/oracle/keystores/keystore.jks" weblogic.WLST '"$@"'

Save and close the file.
Try to restart the servers again

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Customizing logo OBIEE 12c lightweight login page

With OBIEE there is, by default, a new login page called “lightweight SSO”.
It has a different style when compared to the “old” classical login page
By deploying a custom “oracle_logo.png” it will not affect the new login page.

But after login to the page we were able to see the custom logo we deployed.

If we inspect the page we didn’t find the oracle_logo.png and we can observer that it is using a different font as below “vafont”

If we disable the font we can observer that “ORACLE” is replaced by a rectangle

By editing the CSS file “loginhelper.css” we can customize the logo as below
Getting the logo URL:
Login to analytics page
Right click on logo and click on “View image info”

Copy the image url


Modify the file “loginhelper.css “ under the location /u01/app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/bi/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/bi-security-login/7iuedy/war/css as below
Remove the line “font-family: 'vafont';” under bitech-logo and add the image url to content under bitech-logo::before as below

Login to EM console and restart the components

Now we are able to see the custom logo

Friday, May 31, 2019

Collecting Diagnostic Information for OBIEE Security Issues Analysis using RDA utility

Important information:
Ensure you are logged on to the host machine experiencing the problem as the Operating System user that owns the files to be collected.
If your issue involves multiple processes distributed across different hosts, follow the instructions for each host machine.

Run RDA:
Navigate to ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/rda

Set the below environment variables:
ORACLE_INSTANCE (for 11g only)
DOMAIN_HOME (for 11g, 12c only)

Run the below command: -s OutputFileName  -v -p FM12c_Bi

Note: We may get this issue due to older rda version and resolution is to upgrade the rda utility to newer version.

Checking rda version:

Upgrading RDA:
Download and stage the Patch set 29687335 as below

Backup the current rda folder and replace it with rda folder from downloaded patch.

Check the version now:

Collecting diagnostic information:

Note: Upload this zip file to oracle support if we raise any service request.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Steps for collecting OBIEE 12c diagnostic bundle

With this we can collect the below security files and logs as a bundle:

Collect a diagnostic bundle by running the following command:
[DOMAINHOME]/bitools/bin/ | .cmd [your path]/<zip file name>.

Click Enter

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