Sunday, June 30, 2019

Customizing logo OBIEE 12c lightweight login page

With OBIEE there is, by default, a new login page called “lightweight SSO”.
It has a different style when compared to the “old” classical login page
By deploying a custom “oracle_logo.png” it will not affect the new login page.

But after login to the page we were able to see the custom logo we deployed.

If we inspect the page we didn’t find the oracle_logo.png and we can observer that it is using a different font as below “vafont”

If we disable the font we can observer that “ORACLE” is replaced by a rectangle

By editing the CSS file “loginhelper.css” we can customize the logo as below
Getting the logo URL:
Login to analytics page
Right click on logo and click on “View image info”

Copy the image url


Modify the file “loginhelper.css “ under the location /u01/app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/bi/servers/bi_server1/tmp/_WL_user/bi-security-login/7iuedy/war/css as below
Remove the line “font-family: 'vafont';” under bitech-logo and add the image url to content under bitech-logo::before as below

Login to EM console and restart the components

Now we are able to see the custom logo


SQL query to find whether OdiSendMail is configured or not ODI 12c

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