Sunday, June 10, 2018

Installing Talend Open Studio on windows

Download and stage the software

Right click on the setup file and run as administrator

Accept the license agreement

Select Create new project and click on finish

Monday, May 21, 2018

Steps for calling a python script in another python script

We will see how to call one python script in another python
script with a simple example below

Python script 1:

The above script will print the value of "a"

The output of python script 1:

To use this python script in another python script:

Use import package to import the python script in another script as below

In the above script

import t1: will import the python script in to
b = str(t1.a): will initialize the output of to the variable "b"
print (b): Prints the value of "b"

The output of python script 2:

Displaying the output of both python scripts.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Backup and Restoring or Duplicating the HBase Table

Connect  to HBase shell

Use "list" command to list the tables in the HBase database

We are going to backup the table "test1" now

Checking the description of the table test1

Using "snapshot" command to backup the table

Restoring or duplicating the table using "clone_snapshop" command

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Steps for connecting to Hbase using Python

Note: First we need to start the HBase thrift server

Starting the thrift server:

Open putty and run the below command to start the thrift server

/usr/hdp/current/hbase-master/bin/ start thrift

Go to python prompt as below:

Connecting to HBase:

Run the following below in python prompt

import happybase
connection = happybase.Connection('localhost',9090,autoconnect=False)

Note: For connecting HBase "happybase" module must be present in our python

Printing the list of tables in HBase:

Use the below command to  print the list of tables in HBase


Connecting to the table and printing the rows in the table:

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Installing vnc server on centos 7

Installing Gnome Desktop

Connect to the server as root user in putty

Use yum to install Gnome Desktop package

Enter "y" to install all the dependencies and package

Wait until the package got installed, it  will take some time

Installing Tiger vnc server

Install vnc server as below using yum

Start the vnc server

Here  vnc session started with session id "1"

Connecting to the server using vnc viewer

Open the vnc viewer and provide server ip and session id

Click on ok

Provide the password and click on ok

Enabling archive mode in oracle database

Connect to the database as below

Check whether archive log mode is enabled or not as below

It shows there is no archive log mode

To enable archive log mode, follow the below steps

Shutdown the database

Start the database in mount

Alter the database to archive log mode

Open the database

Check for archive log mode

Friday, April 27, 2018

obiee installation on windows

Right click on the setup file and select run as administrator

Click Next

Provide installation location, data location and installation type

Click Next

Choose the setup type as complete and click next

Provide java home and administrator password and click next

Provide local system account details and click next

Select the language and click next

Review the summary and click next

Wait until installation process completes

Click Next

Review the installation summary and click next

Click Next

We must restart the the system to complete the installation successfully.

After reboot start obiee as below

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