Saturday, February 17, 2018

Step by step installing oracle stream analytics and configuration

Installing Oracle Stream Analysis

Click next

Select skip auto updates and click next

Provide installation location and click next

Click next

Click next

Click install

Click next

Click finish to complete the installation

Configuring the domain:

Before configuring the domain create a schema as below

Run the below command to start the domain configuration

Click next

Select create new osa domain with examples and click next

Provide user name and password and click next

Provide server name and port and click next

Provide key-store password and click next

Click next

Click next

Provide domain name and location and click next

Click done to finish the configuration

Installing the OSA-Spark Integration Component
The OSA-Spark integration component adds Oracle’s Continuous Query Language (CQL) support, along with an OSA-specific runtime environment, to the Spark framework to implement application deployment.
This component is delivered as part of the OSA server installation as a single JAR at OSA_HOME/oep/spark/lib/spark-osa.jar.
This JAR file must be copied to all worker nodes and also to the OSA node. Ideally, you copy this file into your Spark installation at SPARK_HOME/lib/spark-osa.jar

Setting Kafka

Configuring the OSA Domain for Spark
  1. Stop the OSA server (OSA domain).
  2. Create the Spark configuration folder in your domain as: OSA_DOMAIN/config/spark.
  3. Create the OSA configuration file in the Spark configuration folder as: OSA_DOMAIN/config/spark/
  4. Edit the OSA configuration file according your 

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