Saturday, September 15, 2018

Steps for Decrypting forgotten weblogic password

Note: This method works only if we have file in our domain home

Starting wlst command prompt:

Navigate through MW_HOME\oracle_common\common\bin and
run the wlst command as below

Defining domain, service and encryption:
In the wlst command prompt define domain, service and encryption as below
domain = "MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/"
service =
encryption =

Decrypting the encrypted password:

Note: Copy the encrypted password from file location= DOMAIN_HOME\servers\Adminserver\security

Use print command as below to print the encrypted password
print "Weblogic server Admin password: %s" %encryption.decrypt<boot.properties_encrypted_password")
Print "Weblogic server Admin password: %s" %encryption.decrypt("{AES}0RFlBNYhFEoAroSAQaeYNY8wl9nxuToZSg39ZpM1QZo=")

It will print the decrypted password.

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  1. I need to thank you for this post it truly helped me. I was battling with password changes and related issues – this explained every one of those. Rarely informal tips like this really work. Hell, it's uncommon that official tips like this really work. I kind of definitely know the password, yet needed to twofold check it.


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