Saturday, July 27, 2019

Installing and Configuring Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Sync

Installing Data Sync
Data Sync stores sensitive information, including connection information to our on-premises databases. It is recommended that we only install Data Sync in protected environments where the operating system and file system privileges are tightly controlled.
Install Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7 or later
Data Sync doesn’t work with Java Runtime Environment (JRE). We must install JDK.
Steps for installing and configuring Data Sync:
Download Data Sync from Oracle Technology Network:
Unzip BICSDataSync_Vx_x.Zip to a directory with no spaces in its name.

Setting JAVA_HOME:
Open config.bat (Windows) or (Linux or Unix).
Replace @JAVA_HOME with the directory where JDK is installed.

Copy any database-specific JDBC drivers that we need to Data Sync’s \lib directory.
Data Sync installs Oracle JDBC driver 11.2.x. If we want to connect to a different database (for example, Microsoft SQL Server or DB2) or if you want to use a different Oracle driver from the default version, obtain and manually copy the required files to the \lib directory

Starting Data Sync for the First Time:
The first time we start Data Sync, you’ll be asked to give your Data Sync repository a name and provide a password.
To Start Data Sync. Run datasync.bat (on Windows) or (on Linux/UNIX) from the directory where you installed Data Sync.

Open the command prompt and run the datasync.bat file as below

Click on Next

Select Configure a new environment and click on Next

Provide repository name and click on Next

Provide the password and click on Next

After configuration got completed click on Finish

To start Data Sync server run startserver.bat as below

To open Data Sync Tool run datasyncClient.bat

Provide login password which we were given while configuration and click on Login

Select Create a New Project
Provide a name for the project and click on ok

Click on Ok

To stop Data Sync Server run stopserver.bat file as below

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