Monday, November 27, 2017

Steps for backup and restore informatica domain

Backup Informatica Domain:

1. Stop all the informatica services and server

2. Backup the domain using infasetup BackupDomain command utility


infasetup.(bat | sh) BackupDomain -da <database_hostname:database_port> -du<database_user_name> -dp <database_password> -dt <database_type> -ds<database_service_name> -bf <backup_file_name> -dn <domain_name>

Check for the backup file

Restoring Informatica Domain:

1. Copy the backup file to the new machine
2. Create a database schema and a user account in a supported database
3.  Install informatica on the new machine but do not configure 
4. Copy the files in the <INFA_HOME>/server/infa_shared directories on the original machine to the new machine.
5. Restore the domain configuration backup to the database schema.

Run the infasetup RestoreDomain command to restore the domain configuration in the backup file to the
specified database schema.


infasetup.(bat | sh) RestoreDomain -da <database_hostname:database_port> -du<database_user_name> -dp <database_password> -dt <database_type> -ds<database_service_name> -bf <backup_file_name>

6. Update the database connection information for each gateway node.Gateway nodes must have a connection to the domain configuration database to retrieve and update domain configuration. Run the infasetup Update Gateway Node command on each gateway node to update the database connection information for each gateway node.


infasetup.(bat | sh) UpdateGatewayNode -da <database_hostname:database_port> -du<database_user_name> -dp <database_password> -dt <database_type> -ds<database_service_name> -dn <domain_name>

7. Start all the nodes and enable all application services in domain


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