Thursday, November 2, 2017

Steps for copying files between remote windows systems from command prompt using xcopy

1. We can copy the files between two windows systems using xcopy

2. Share a folder on target machine where we want to copy the files

Right click on the folder
Select share with and then click on Specific people

Add Everyone and set permission level to Read/Write
Click on Share

Click on Done

3. Source system folder

4. On the source system open the command prompt as an administrator and run the below command to copy files between source and target

xcopy source_folder_path  \\target_hostname\target_folder_path  /E

Here we got "Invalid drive specification" error
Note: To work with xcopy we need to map the network shared path at least ones or we need the access the shared folder ones from the source system
click windows + r button
In the resulting window typed the network shared path and click ok

Enter the username and password and click ok

Click ok

Close it and again try to copy the files using xcopy

Now open the target folder on remote system and check for the files

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