Saturday, November 10, 2018

Step by Step installing Apache Subversion



Installing Subversion:

Configuring Subversion with HTTP:

Save and close the file.

Creating the SVN repository:

Creating users for authentication:

Restart the httpd server:

Accessing Repository in the browser:

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Steps for Decrypting forgotten weblogic password

Note: This method works only if we have file in our domain home

Starting wlst command prompt:

Navigate through MW_HOME\oracle_common\common\bin and
run the wlst command as below

Defining domain, service and encryption:
In the wlst command prompt define domain, service and encryption as below
domain = "MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/"
service =
encryption =

Decrypting the encrypted password:

Note: Copy the encrypted password from file location= DOMAIN_HOME\servers\Adminserver\security

Use print command as below to print the encrypted password
print "Weblogic server Admin password: %s" %encryption.decrypt<boot.properties_encrypted_password")
Print "Weblogic server Admin password: %s" %encryption.decrypt("{AES}0RFlBNYhFEoAroSAQaeYNY8wl9nxuToZSg39ZpM1QZo=")

It will print the decrypted password.

Steps for installing odi 12c standalone agent

Installing ODI in standalone mode:

Start the installation as below:

In the welcome screen click on Next

Select skip auto updates and click on Next

Provide the home directory to install and click on Next

Select Standalone installation and click on Next

If the prerequisite checks got completed successfully click on Next

In the installation summary screen click on Install

If the installation progress got completed successfully click on Next

Click on Finish.

Configuring domain for the ODI standalone agent:

Run the config utility as below

Select create the domain and provide domain location and click on Next

Select Oracle Data Integrator – Standalone Agent – [odi] and click on Next

Click on Next

Provide the database and schema details and click on get rcu configuration

If rcu configuration got successfully click on Next

Select all the component schemas and click on Next

If the connections got tested successfully click on Next

Click on Next

Provide the details and click on Next

Select per-domain default location and provide credentials and click on Next

Click on Create

If the configuration progress got completed, click on Next

Click on Finish

Configuring ODI studio:

Open the studio as below

Create new repository connection as below

Click on ok to open the newly created repository connection

Create New Agent as below

Provide the details and save the Agent

Starting Node manager and Agent:

Starting Node manager:
Start the node manager as below

Starting Agent:
Start the Agent as below
It asks for the password provide it

The agent started successfully.

Testing the agent in the ODI studio:

Test the agent in ODI studio as below

Test the agent URL:

Test the agent in the browser with the below URL

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Uploading templates in Apache Nifi HDF

Open Nifi UI


In the operating window click on upload template

Browse the template xml file and click on upload

We will get template successfully imported message.

In order to check for the uploaded template, drag the template button on to the canvas

Select the uploaded template name and click on Add

Now we will get the data flow of the uploaded template

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