Sunday, May 7, 2017

Step by Step installing and Configuring Oracle OHS Server

Installing OHS Server:

Download and stage the software
Start the installation by executing the command as below

In the welcome screen click next

Provide the installation location and click next

Select standalone http server and click next

If the prerequisite checks succeed click next

Uncheck the option and click next and click yes

Click install

If the installation progress reaches 100 % click next

Click finish to complete the installation

Configuring domain for OHS server:

Select create new domain and click next

Select the product template and click next

Select jdk and click next

click next

Provide the details and click next

Click next

Click create

Click next

Click finish

Starting Oracle OHS Server :

Navigate to $DOMAIN_HOME/bin and start nodemanager.

Starting OHS Component:
Navigate to $DOMAIN_HOME/bin and start ohs component

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