Saturday, May 20, 2017


Create a schema for informatica repository

Increasing the parameter open_cursors to 1000

Go to the software folder and double click on setup file

In the installation type screen select install informatica with hot fix 2
and click next

In the prerequisite screen verify the prerequisites
 and complete the pending tasks if any and click next

In the license and directory screen provide the license key file path
 and installation directory path and then click next

In the pre-installation summary screen check the summary and click install

In the installing screen check the progress of installation

In the domain selection screen select create domain

Check the option enable https and click next

In the configuration repository screen

Provide the repository and database details and click test connection

If the test connection was successful click ok and click next

In the domain configuration screen provide password and click next

In windows service screen uncheck the option and click next

In the post installation summary screen click done

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