Monday, May 1, 2017

OBIA Upgrade from 7.9.6.x to

1. Install OBIEE 11g and OBIA on new server.
2. Take the backup of rpd and catalog from lower versioned server and copy them the new server.
3. In the new server navigate to ORACLE_HOME\bin directory and run the upgrade assistant ua.bat
4. In the welcome screen click next
5. In specify operation screen , select upgrade Oracle BI RPD and Presentation Catalog and click next
6. In the specify source details screen
a) select Upgrade Repository (RPD)
b) Browse the copied lower version rpd
c) Provide rpd login credentials
d) Provide new password for the upgraded rpd
e) Select Upgrade Catalog
f) Browse the lower version catalog directory 
g) Click next
7. In the specify weblogic server screen, provide weblogic user name, password and port of new server and click next
8. In the Examining components screen, if the status got succeeded click next
9. In the Upgrade summary screen , click Upgrade to start the upgrade process
10. In the Upgrading components screen , if the status got succeeded click next
11. In the Upgrade Success screen , review the summary and click close to finish the upgrade process.
12. Verify the upgraded rpd and calalog

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