Sunday, May 7, 2017

Step by Step Oracle Linux 5 Installation

Boot from the CD or DVD. At the boot screen, press the "Enter" key

Press Enter or Shift + Enter

Select Skip and press Enter

Click Next

Select the language you want and click next

Select the keyboard type and click next

Click yes

Select remove linux partitions on selected drives and create default layout

Check the option Review and modify partitioning layout

Click next

Click yes

Click next

Select the option and click next

Click Next

Click Next

Provide password and click next

Select Customize now and click next

Select Desktop Environment you want and click next

Click next

Click Reboot

Click Forward

Accept the license agreement and click Forward

Disable the firewall and click Forward

click yes

Disable selinux and click forward

click yes

Click forward

Adjust date and time and click forward

Select no and click forward

Click forward

click continue

click forward

Click Finish

Click ok

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