Thursday, October 19, 2017

Configuring repository for OWB 11G in oracle database 12C

Checking for java virtual machine in database

Checking for java objects

Checking for java roles

Running the scripts

The clean_owbsys.sql script drops the contents of any existing OWBSYS schema installations, but leaves the schema otherwise intact.

Before proceeding you will have to default tablespace for  temp:

The cat_owb.sql script checks if an OWBSYS schema exists, and creates it if necessary, and then installs the objects required by OWB 11.2 repository.

Unlock the users with the below scripts

The reset_owbcc_home.sql script ensures that Oracle Warehouse Builder uses the 11.2 version of the Control Center Service

Granting remote server installation

Creating repository workspace

Run the repository assistant as below

Click next in the welcome screen

Give the database details and click next

Select manage warehouse builder workspace and click next

Select create new warehouse builder workspace and click next

Select create a workspace as new user a workspace owner and click next

Give database username and password and click next

Select the features we want and click next

Provide the details and click next

Provide owbsys user information and click next

Select any existing user or create new user for workspace and click next

In the repository summary screen click finish

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