Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Copying files between widows to linux from command prompt using ftp

Open the command prompt as an administrator on windows machine
Try to connect to linux machine using ftp and try to copy a file

Here we are getting the message as "Not connected"

To resolve this we need to modify "vsftpd.conf" on linux machine as below:

uncomment the following line below and save the file

Now restart the ftp server as below:

Now again try to connect from windows machine

Here we tried to connect as root user but it got failed.
By default ftp server was not open to linux as root user so try with normal user.

Copy a file from windows to linux using "put" command in ftp prompt

Now check for the file in linux machine

Basic ftp commands:

1. ls
List the contents of remote directory

2. cd
Change the remote working directory

3. dir
List contents of remote directory

4. get
To receive file from the linux machine to windows machine

Check for the file on windows machine

5. lcd
Change the local working directory on windows machine

6. mget
Getting multiple files from linux machine

Checking files on windows machine

7. mput
Sending multiple files to linux machine

Checking files on linux machine

8. rename
Renaming a file name

Checking for the renamed file

9. bye
Terminating the ftp session

10. close
Terminating the ftp connection

11. help
Displays the local help information

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