Monday, April 10, 2017

Steps for adding Date In an IBot Email Subject Line obiee 11g

Under Delivery Content tab while creating an Agent in OBIEE 11g, 
you can use variables, for example I used the below one within Subject text box under Delivery Content tab, 

Agent Run time
:@{system.currentTime} Language:@{session.language} 

and when I got the agent, I could see the email subject line says, 
Agent Run time :12/23/2014 07:45:02 AM Language:en 

For Daily Report :
@{system.currentTime}[DDDD dd MMM]

For Weekly Report
From Monday @{system.currentTime}[dd MMM] to @{system.currentTime}[DDDD dd MMM


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  3. Cool, this works on 12c as well. Thanks for sharing.

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