Saturday, April 22, 2017

Steps for Changing SUPERVISOR user password in Oracle Data Integrator

Please find the steps below to change SUPERVISOR user password in Oracle Data Integrator

 On the server running the ODI client,
Click on start -> All Programs -> Oracle -> Oracle Data Integrator -> ODI Studio- Navigate on ODI Studio

Click on left pane ->   Connect to Repository -> pop up the Master Repository with
Supervisor -> click on OK 
Go to
View -> ODI Security Navigator ->  click on users -> click on "Supervisor " -> on right pane click on "change password"

On the server running the agent,

Browse to cd $ODI_HOME/oracledi/agent/bin

Take the backup of the file

Run the command

./  “new password”

Copy the encoded password to in the following location

Restart services.

 Now logging odi studio as SUPERVISOR / "new password"

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