Saturday, April 15, 2017

Steps for Creating a User who can access Configuration Manager(BIACM), FSM, and Oracle Data Integrator in OBIA

Below are the steps for creating a "biappsadmin" like user in OBIA

1)create user in weblogic
2)create application role in enterprise manager

3)create user in odi grant them the supervisor profile

Login to the weblogic 

In the left pane of the Web Logic Server Administration Console, click on Security Realms

Click on myrealm

To configure new user click on ‘users and groups’ then click on new

Specify the user name and password details then click ‘ok’

After creation of user then click on ‘user’ in user and groups

Click on groups tab and added the following members to the user then click on save

After creation of user in web logic we need to create application role in enterprise manager
Login to the enterprise manager
Expand the web logic domain
Right click on bifoundation domain
Go to Security
Click on Application roles

In application roles select application stripe as ‘obi’ and to create new application role click on “create”

Specify the application stripe, role name, display name

After that we need to add members to the role, click on add select type as application role then click on search icon

Select and add the following duty roles to the application then click ok

After adding roles to the application we need to add the user to the on add and select type as user then click on search icon. Select the defined user
Click ok

After the creation of application role we need  to  create user in ODI and grant them the Supervisor profile

In security navigator
Under Users
Right click on supervisor
Click on New

Specify the user name and click on retrieve GUID to retrieve the user from web logic then save it.

In security navigator drag and drop the following profiles from  profiles tab to the created user in users tab .

Now specify the new user and password  then click ok to login.

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